Become a Brand Ambassador January 26 2016, 0 Comments

Over the last few years, Screaming Owl has built a loyal following of customers who love and understand our process and our products.  It's fans like these that have helped us to become what we are today, and for that, we are truly grateful!  

From time to time, we have folks who are unfamiliar with our company and our process, despite our best efforts to educate them and describe our methods throughout multiple points of purchase.  This is where you come in!  This month, we're introducing a brand new addition to our team at Screaming Owl….our Brand Ambassadors….and you can be one of them!

So what is this Brand Ambassador program you ask?  Simple…it's a group of loyal customers and fans who understand our process and appreciate the bargains we offer who can help others learn to love our company just as much as they do!  Each month, we will select 20 customers to join our program, and in exchange for showing us some love across the internet, we will reward them with a $25 gift card to shop with us.  Showing us some love includes writing reviews, participating in social media discussions and sharing our deals with any groups you may be a part of.  Our goal is to lessen the fear that folks may have based on negative feedback that's out there.  You know how we work and you know what we offer, so there's no one better to educate them than YOU, our very loyal Screaming Owl customer!

Ready to apply?  It's very simple, just fill out the form below.  Your information will remain on file for 1 year and each month we will be selecting 20 new customers from this database, so even if you're not selected this month, you certainly could be selected for another month.  We will accept entries in the order they come in and there are no qualifications to being selected other than being a past customer.  Everyone is welcome to apply!

Thank you for being such a loyal customer.  We truly wouldn't be here without you!